We have added Remote Domain Policy in our terms of services.  This policy will go in effect from September 15 2019.

Remote Domain Policy:
CPHosting do not allow “Remote Domain” to be added to any hosting account on the server. “Remote Domain” is a domain which is either Unregistered Domain or not using our name servers or it is not pointing to any of our services.   This measure is taken for security reasons.

This policy is also applicable on reseller accounts.

When domain becomes remote it must be removed / terminated by user within 7 days.  Example, if your-domain.com was a registered domain and hosted on CPHosting servers and it was moved to another hosting provider or expired, users are required to terminate / remove such domains within 7 days.

CPHosting reserves rights to remove / terminate remote domains by giving 48 hours notice.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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