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Why Should I Use Fetch Mail Instead of an Email Forwarder?

If you are experiencing delays while receiving forwarded emails from forwarder setup in your hosting account, then it may be due to your email providers policies.  It is very common practice by email providers to randomly not accept forwarded email or rate limit them (only few will be accepted in a hour). Unfortunately, it is very common for forwarding to cause blacklisting with many large email providers. When you forward your emails, you also forward spam coming to your email account. Now days more then 70% incoming emails are spam. This most commonly occurs when large amounts of mail are forwarded and then marked as spam after it has been received in the end user's inbox. This results in your domain's sending reputation being penalized since it was the last server to send the mail. Ultimately, your domain will become blacklisted with the email provider or may be included in spammers list.

A solution to this is to stop email forwarding altogether and check your emails through webmail or POP3/SMTP or use mail fetching service. Using a mail fetcher, you can access mail in a remote system without having the mail routed through your domain. This way, you can mark the message as spam without it affecting your domain's reputation.

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