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Why my Email Access is very Slow

You may be facing problems accessing your email account(s) due to large number of emails stored in your inbox. It is very bad idea to keep large number of emails in Inbox, because every time you check your email, mail server has to make a list of number of emails present in your inbox, which results in high amount of disk access, resulting in high CPU load and delays for email user.

We recommend you keep minimum amount of emails in your Inbox and move remaining emails in some other folder. You may move emails from inbox to their appropriate folder (Archive, or SomeFolder, Trash) or download emails to your local device. Make sure you do not frequently check Archived folders to prevent high load on CPU resources allocated to your account. You may use webmail and IMAP protocol to access your email account from Multiple Devices and manage your emails in folders hosted on the server. Please refer to our Email Knowledge base section for more information about, how to access and manage your email accounts.

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